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Boat passes are now on sale!
All AVFGA boats are now available! 
Have a great fishing season!!!
Boat Committee

      We hope you had a nice winter. No changes to the boat list or boat locations were made for the year. 

     For the low cost of $30.00 per year you can purchase a Boat Pass at Gord's Corner Store, Route 110, West Milan. There are 13 boats on various bodies of water in our region. We also offer the use of a boat at Gord's Store that can be loaded up on your truck or trailer to use at other bodies of water .

       To put this in perspective, please consider that it would cost you $37.50 just to register a small aluminum boat for personal use if you bought one, and you would still need to find a way to transport and maintain the boat whenever you wanted to use it. Please take advantage of this deal and try out our boats for this coming season. We are confident you won't regret it. Our boats are well maintained and are stable and appropriate for the bodies of water they are on.

       The Rules of Use for our fleet of boats are clearly explained on our "Rules and Regulations" web page, in the Banquet Booklet, and can also be explained by the personnel at Gord's Corner Store. They have been handling the boats for us for many years and do a fine job. Please consider showing your appreciation for their time and commitment to our Association by patronizing Gord's while on your outing.

      Don't forget to register your fish at Gord's for a chance to win a prize in our annual Fishing Contest. The Fishing Contest runs from March 1, 2018 to February 28, 2019. Fish must be caught in New Hampshire and weighed at Gord's store to qualify. Please have your fish in some type of protective wrapper or container in order to keep Gord's facilities clean.

     Thank you for your continued support and the best of luck for this 2018 fishing season.     

Boat Passes:             $30 Single Pass

May be purchased at Gord's Corner Store - (Rt 110 - West Milan)

Our current list of available boats is as follows:

#1      Cedar Pond

#2      Gord's Corner Store

#3      Millsfield Pond

#4      Big Dummer Pond

#9      Long Pond - Millsfield

#10    Big Dummer Pond

#11    Long Pond Errol

#13    Pontook Dam

#15     Munn Pond

#17    Sessions Pond

#19    Munn Pond

#20    Success Pond

#21    Big Greenough Pond

Have Fun! ~ Be Safe!


Questions, Comments, or Concerns?   Please contact:

Mitch Dumont - 603-752-2303

Boat Committee Chairperson